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The MCLB Association would like to sincerely thank Honor Show Chow for their generous sponsorship
of the 2013-2017 Show Lamb Circuit.

Rules & Regulations

2017 MCLB / HONOR SHOW CHOW Show Lamb Circuit

  • Even though the circuit is run by the MCLB organization, sheep do not have to be Missouri-born and raised or raised/sold by MCLB Members. There is one show exception to this rule- being the Kick Off MCLB Futurity Show at Chillicothe.
  • Any exhibitor age 21 and under as of January 1 of the current year is eligible to compete in the Series, and the series is open to residents of ANY state, not just Missouri.
  • Entry fees for the MCLB Show Lamb Circuit will be set at $30 per exhibitor. This allows the exhibitor eligibility for final awards in our market lamb, wether dam, AND showmanship divisions. This should be paid to a MCLB member along with the Declaration Form.
    • Please notice: This $30 fee is the exhibitor’s entry into the Series, not the individual shows themselves. Entry fees into the individual shows vary according to the individual shows’ rules and regulations.
  • Ownership of each lamb is established when the exhibitor signs up for the series on the Ownership Declaration Form. We must have your declaration form on file along with your $30 before we start to track your points. We prefer that you submit the form via email to You can also bring the form to your first show.
    • To earn points at a show on a given day, the animal must be entered AND shown that day by the exhibitor that claimed ownership of that lamb on the declaration form. The ONLY exception to this is if the exhibitor has someone else show one of their declared lambs because they had two or more lambs in the same class. Sheep will be tracked by Scrapie tag numbers from the Declaration Form.
    • Individual sheep are also declared “Market” or “Wether Dam” on the Declaration Form and are only ELIGIBLE FOR AWARDS IN THAT DIVISION. Ewes declared as “Wether Dams” can show in the market lamb show on any given day (or vice versa), but won’t accumulate points towards the division if they aren’t declared in that division.
  • Market Lambs and wether dams are not shown by breed. Both ewes and wethers can show in the market lamb show. All shows are judged as “prospect shows” and left to the judge’s opinion.
  • No maximum or minimum weight requirements, unless the individual show rules state otherwise.  Lambs must have their lamb teeth intact to be eligible to show in the market lamb division.
  • Wether dam ewe lambs will show by weight in addition to a separate yearling ewe class.
  • There are THREE separate divisions in the MCLB Show Lamb Circuit- Showmanship, Market Lambs, and Wether dams. Prizes for the TOP TEN showmen in each of the two age divisions as well as the TOP TEN overall market lamb exhibitors and TOP FIVE wether dam exhibitors will be presented at the Missouri State Fair prior to the showmanship competition.
  • Prizes are solely dependent on available funding and sponsorships. Series awards will be given at the Missouri State Fair in Sedalia on the Wednesday before the market lamb show in conjunction with the showmanship competition.
  • There is NO MINIMUM NUMBER OF SHOWS that an exhibitor has to show in to be eligible for Series Awards; however the TOP SIX shows of each exhibitor will be figured into their point totals.
  • Showmanship age breaks are Junior (13 and under) and Senior (14 and over). Age is determined by the age of the exhibitor as of January 1 of the current year. Exhibitors must show their own lambs in showmanship.
  • Throughout the series, points are accumulated by and stay with the Exhibitor, not the individual lamb. In other words, an exhibitor can bring different sheep out at each show and those points still accumulate for the showman. At each show for the market lamb division, each showman’s top 2 lambs will earn points for that showman; therefore it is recommended that each individual bring at least two sheep to each sanctioned show- but not required. In the wether dam division, only 1 ewe will be counted per show.
  • The MCLB Show Lamb Circuit is not responsible for the management of sanctioned shows. All sanctioned events are run independently of the circuit. All exhibitors are expected to honor the rules of the show in which they are participating.
  • Shows invited to participate are required to submit $100 to the MCLB and sign a form agreeing to our rules and regulations set forth for the series. The show committee will have the final say in whether to sanction the show or not based on a number of factors.
  • All rules are subject to the discretion of the MCLB Show Lamb Circuit Committee and the Missouri Club Lamb Breeders Association and are subject to change.





Show Schedule
Show/Location Date Check In Contact Contact Phone
MCLB Futurity***
Chillicothe, MO
View Flyer
May 13th 8:00 am Mark Herndon 660-853-9162
MCLB Open Youth Show
Chillicothe, MO
View Flyer
May 13th 8:00 am Mark Herndon 660-853-9162
Crossroads Classic
Chillicothe, MO
View Flyer
May 14th 7:30 am -
9:00 am
Chris Henderson 660-663- 7743
Missouri Showdown - Show 1
Marshall, MO
View Flyer
May 20th 8:30 am Jade Jenkins 660-988-0515
Missouri Showdown - Show 2
Marshall, MO
View Flyer
May 20th 8:30 am Jade Jenkins 660-988-0515
Schuyler County Jr. Livestock Show
Queen City, MO
View Flyer
May 27th 7:30 am -
Cindy Whitlock 660-341-6023
Land O Lakes Jackpot
El Dorado Springs, MO
View flyer
View rules
May 27th 2:00 pm -
4:00 pm
Dana Smith 417-876- 8861

Old Timers Jackpot - Show 1
Milan, MO
View Flyer

May 28th 9:00 am -
10:30 am
Jake Campbell 660-626- 4120
Old Timers Jackpot - Show 2
Milan, MO
View Flyer
May 28th 9:00 am -
10:30 am
Jake Campbell 660-626- 4120
Centralia FFA Jackpot
Mexico, MO
View Flyer
May 28th 10:00 am Kathy Curtis 573-473- 7370

Sweet Springs FFA Jackpot
Marshall, MO
View Flyer

May 29th 9:00 am -
10:30 am
Brent Niemeyer 573-375-0385
Henry County Preview
Clinton, MO
View Flyer
June 10th 8:00 am Jeff Harrelson 660-620-7640
Butler Jackpot Show
Butler, MO
View Flyer
June 11th 8:00 am -
9:00 am
Chuck Reece 660-492-7620
***MCLB-raised sheep only are eligible at this show

Click Here for Sanctioning Agreement Form




2017 Points (Updated 6/30/17)
Market Lamb Wether Dam Senior Showmanship Junior Showmanship




Points will be accumulated in the following manner:

    • Judges will be asked to place exhibitors from top to bottom in each age division if there is only one round and no multiple “heats” in each age division.
    • If the show is large enough to split one age division into multiple “heats” or “rounds,” the judge will need to bring
      back enough participants to place AT LEAST a TOP TEN overall.
      Champion:                          15 points                                             7th Overall:         9 points
      Reserve:                              14 points                                             8th Overall:         8 points
      3rd Overall:                         13 points                                             9th Overall:         7 points               
      4th Overall:                         12 points                                             10th Overall:       6 Points               
      5th Overall:                         11 points                                             11th or Lower:    5 Points
      6th Overall:                         10 points
    • When adding up MARKET LAMB POINTS from a show, an exhibitors top TWO lambs from that show will be added into the system. Exhibitors are encouraged to bring 2 market lambs to each show, but this isn’t required to accumulate points.
    • Points will accumulate with the EXHIBITOR, NOT the individual lamb.
    • All market lambs will be shown in one division broken on weights. Class breaks and numbers per class are at the discretion of the individual show committee; shows will be encouraged to have 6-8 head in each class when possible.
      Champion Overall:          5 BONUS POINTS                   5th Place in Class:             6 points
      Reserve Overall:              3 BONUS POINTS                   6th Place in Class:             5 points
      1st Place in Class:           10 points                                 7th Place in Class:             4 points               
      2nd Place in Class:           9 points                                  8th Place in Class:             3 Points               
      3rd Place in Class:            8 points                                  9th Place in Class:             2 Points
      4th Place in Class:            7 points                                  10th or Lower in Class:      1 Point


    • When adding up WETHER DAM POINTS from a show, an exhibitor’s top ONE ewe in each show will be added into the system.
    • Points will accumulate with the EXHIBITOR, NOT the individual ewe.
    • All wether dams will be shown in one division and broken on weights, in addition to a yearling class. Class breaks and numbers per class are at the discretion of the individual show committee; shows will be encouraged to have
      3-5 head
      in each class when possible.
      Champion Overall:           3 BONUS POINTS                3rd Place in Class:             3 points
      Reserve Overall                2 BONUS POINTS                4th Place in Class:             2 points
      1st Place in Class:            5 points                                5th or Lower in Class:       1 point 
      2nd Place in Class:           4 points               


    • IN ALL THREE DIVISIONS: Tie breaks will be decided by Total Points from ALL SHOWS, then number of Champions, then the number of reserves, then the number of 1sts, then the number of 2nds, and so forth until the tie is broken.
    • AS STATED ABOVE, the TOP 6 scores an exhibitor receives in each division throughout the year will be used to calculate their year-end totals and will decide final awards winners. Exhibitors don’t necessarily have to attend 6 shows to be eligible.




The 2017 Members of the MCLB Show Lamb Circuit Committee are:
Cody Sloan 816.649.8677
Mike Tomlin   641.895.0210
Mike Mackeprang  660.679.1822
Mark Herndon   660.853.9162    
For questions regarding rules/regulations/points of the Series,
please contact Cody Sloan at the above cell number or email.
Search for “Missouri Club Lamb Breeders”
or visit





***ALL of these questions can be answered from information in the Rules/Regulations section.
This is simply a page that helps sum up some of the more frequently asked questions about the series.

  1. Who can participate?
    The Series is open to ANYONE from any state that is 21 years of age or younger as of January 1st of the current show year. The cost is $30/exhibitor. This does NOT include entry fees for each individual show.

  2. How many shows must you attend to be eligible
    There is no minimum number of shows required; however each exhibitor’s total points will consist of their best six shows. Exhibitors don’t have to participate in 6, but are strongly encouraged to in order to be competitive towards the final points count.

  3. How many sheep must you bring to be eligible for market lamb points at each show?
    Technically, the minimum number of sheep you have to bring would be 1. BUT, because exhibitors are awarded points for their top 2 points-earning lambs, it is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED that you bring at least 2 sheep to each of the sanctioned shows to be competitive in the points series. Wether dam division will take points on each exhibitor’s single highest point-earning ewe.

  4. How are the shows structured?
    All sanctioned shows will have a market lamb division (both wethers and ewes eligible), a wether dam division (young ewes and yearlings) and a showmanship division that splits into juniors (13 and under) and seniors (14 and over). Sheep are shown by weight (except yearling ewes) and are NOT divided into separate breed classes. Individual shows may have other classes and divisions (bred and owned, in-county, etc) but these classes are not part of the points series and don’t factor into the points.

  5. What sheep are eligible to compete in the series?
    No weight limits exist (unless individual show rules state otherwise) and market lambs must have their lamb teeth intact. Sheep do NOT have to be raised by MCLB members; they can come from any breeder (with the exception of the Chillicothe Futurity Show). Sheep must have Scrapie tags.

  6. How do the points accumulate?
    The market lamb points and wether dam points accumulate with the EXHIBITOR, not the individual lamb. So in theory, an exhibitor could, if they wanted to, bring a different set of sheep out to every show and still win the overall market lamb points or the wether dam points. More details on the points system are discussed in the “Points” section of this document.

  7. Can lambs be double-entered under different siblings and family members?
    NO. One specific sheep can only accumulate points for one specific showman. If a family wants to change up who shows the lamb from show to show,
    that is not against the rules and is considered ok as far as the regular show is concerned. BUT, the points earned on that day by that lamb do not count
    for the original “owner” of that lamb. The original “owner” of each lamb is designated by the family on the
    Ownership Declaration Form. Sheep must also be designated “market” or “wether dam” on this form and will earn points accordingly.




2013 Point Standings

The Missouri Club Lamb Breeders Association is now accepting applications for the MCLB Show Lamb Circuit Scholarship. 
The MCLB Show Lamb Circuit will provide two $250 college scholarships to youth who are members of the MCLB Show Lamb Circuit, who will
be enrolled in college in the fall of the current year.

2017 Scholarship Application


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